Servers, Data Park services

As part of the server hosting service, you can securely store your own or your rented server in our Data Parks.

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Sites, Data Parks

Take advantage of our value added services with cutting-edge infrastructure and high technology. Learn more about our highly secure Data Parks!

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Server placement and rental

Place your own or rented servers in our Data Parks safely and securely!

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Rescue options

We back up your data automatically to servers located in Telekom's highly secure Data Park.

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Server operations

We take over the operation, maintenance and supervision of your company servers!

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Additional services

You can choose from a wide range of additional solutions that can increase your availability.

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Machine rental - co-location

Rent as much space as you need to store your own equipment and servers!

Why choose Data Park?

Are your servers outdated and in need of replacement, but branded servers are expensive? Rent a server from us so you don't have to make a one-time, large investment! Servers are high-performance computers that provide a variety of services -mailing system, website server, database server- to the users of your network.

Do you feel your company data is not safe in its current location?

Our Professional Data Parks offer you high technology at an affordable price; 99, 999% availability - electricity, temperature controlled - plus 24-hour operator presence, security and superior physical protection.


Interested in our options?

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