Ha be szeretnél lépni az online fiókodba, itt teheted meg!
Ha be szeretnél lépni az online fiókodba, itt teheted meg!

Communication solutions

Call center, call management, bulk SMS, and other services to support communication

Kép leírása: instantPhone


IP-based sub-centre solution that makes communication between your offices and sites easier and more convenient. Premium technology, priority technical support with a monthly subscription.


Kép leírása: VoiceCenter


Online call management system that receives calls at a central number and directs them to a text message and/or a staff member based on a menu system.


Kép leírása: Customised

Customised SMS campaigns

Bulk SMS sending/receiving, campaign launching on an online platform, up to thousands of recipients.


Kép leírása: Online fax

Online fax

Fax2Email can be used as a replacement for a physical fax machine. You can receive your faxes by email anytime you are away from the office.


Kép leírása: Digital office

Digital Office package

Communicate easily and conveniently with your clients and colleagues online with Zoom, one of the world's best-known video conferencing solutions.


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