Business support and security

Digitalize your business: work more efficiently and securely with Telekom services!

Digitalisation applications

Take care of your company contact details online! For a more professional look, use your own company email address, register a new domain, and have your own website!

Kép leírása: Domain szolgáltatás

Domain services

If you want to have a business website or your own company name for correspondence, you will first need your own domain name.


Kép leírása: Honlapcsomagok

Website packages

Present your business online! We offer you the hosting service.


Kép leírása: Céges e-mail-cím

Company e-mail address

Use your own company email address for a professional business presence!


Kép leírása: Cégre szabott SMS kampány

Personalised SMS campaign

With our service you can send and receive SMS messages in bulk, launch a cost-effective SMS campaign at the touch of a button.


Security applications

Keep your personal data and devices safe!

Norton Security Online

With Norton Security Online, your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets are protected no matter where you are.

Manage your Apple business devices easily

With the Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program), your new business Apple devices are ready as soon as you unbox them!

Billing application

Manage your customers, your processes, your tasks and your billing simply, electronically!


Billzone is an online invoicing tool that allows you to create e-invoices and paper invoices, invoice in foreign currency, in foreign languages and automatically.


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