Telekom will help you to spend time on your business instead of technical questions. Choose from the following solutions!

Kép leírása: Modern office

Modern office

New laptops and tablets, add business software as a monthly subscription: mail, Office, teamwork, security and hosting.


Kép leírása: Business support

Business support and security

Domain and website services, Antivirus, device security, secure data storage and sharing. Electronic invoicing, automated customer relationship management (CRM).


Kép leírása: Communication

Communication solutions

Call center, call handling, bulk SMS and other communication support services.


Kép leírása: Communication

IT devices

To work efficiently, you need modern IT tools in addition to office software. Laptops, tablets, office phones and other devices.


Kép leírása: Servers

Servers, Data Park services

As part of the server hosting service, you can securely store your own or your rented server in our Data Parks.


Why choose Data Park?

Are your servers outdated and in need of replacement, but branded servers are expensive? Rent a server from us so you don't have to make a one-time, large investment!

Our servers are high-performance computers that provide a variety of services, mailing system, website server and database server to the users of your network.