Sport sponsorship

For success, your voice is also needed

We are fans

Telekom supports athletes with all its tools to help them perform even better. But spending those thousands of hours with exercising, having a team of experts as a background, it’s still not enough for real success if something’s missing: a community of fans. That’s why we, as a sponsor of Hungarian sports, do not only concentrate on athletes, but on their fans as well, with events of watching the games together or with banners for matches. To be successful in sports being talented and working a lot is not enough: your voice is also needed for the success. As the performance of athletes gives us inspiration, they are inspired by your support.

Who do we sponsor?

Our sponsoring activity covers several areas. We have long-term partners: clubs and athletes who constantly provide outstanding performance. It is a great pleasure that Fradi trains young footballers with great performance, that we can support the success of MKB-MVM Veszprém Men’s Handball Team, and that the Hungarian Olympic Committee helps our athletes to prepare for the Olympic Games of Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo with our support.

MOB Hungarian Olympic Committee

Telekom helps the training of Hungarian athletes for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as Platinum sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

MKB Veszprém MKB-MVM Veszprém Men’s Handball Team

Telekom, as their prime and the most loyal sponsor, helps the team and their fans with its info-communication tools and with financial support.

FTC FTC Young Talents

Ferencvárosi Torna Club, founded in 1899, is not only the oldest, but the most successful football team in Hungary. The key to its success is the training of young football talents

Our sponsoring activity is defined in accordance with the sponsoring strategy of Deutsche Telekom. Our parent company is proud of being a well-known football-sponsor.

Besides football and handball, we support other sports, too. At Telekom Vivicittá we help runners get ready for the event as the main sponsor. We are happy to see more and more people participate with their families and friends.

There are several sports events where we offer technological support: either at the events of our sponsoring partners or at events sponsored by other companies as well. Besides technological background we also bring programs for athletes, visitors, family members and friends

Your voice is needed

Imagine standing alone in the middle of the field, the other athlete or team is opposite you, and the only person you can count on is yourself. Or is there anyone else? Fans can add a lot to sports performance, especially when there’s a whole stadium full of enthusiastic people. Give your best when supporting your team–we are there with you. We have helped fans many times: we made it possible for the fans of the MKB-MVM Veszprém to follow important matches of their team live on huge screens in front of the Arena, together. We provided technology, special fans’ tools to make the event even more memorable. We also made a gigantic plastic banner, also for Veszprém fans

MKB-MVM Men’s handball Team
The team, extremely popular not only amongst their home fans, had a superb year in 2015.

  • SEHA League: 29/03: 32-21 against Meshkov Brest meant that the team became the best in SEHA League.
  • Champions’ League: Following a series of great matches, the team finished as second, defeated in the final by FC Barcelona (28-23) .
  • Hungarian Championship: 19/05: the team defeated Pick-Szeged (31-29), and became Hungarian champion.
  • Hungarian Cup: For the 7 th time in a row the team won Hungarian Cup, defeating Pick-Szeged in the final. (26/04, 26-22

Fradi (Ferencvárosi Torna Club)
The popular football club is getting better and better each year.

  • 20/05/2015: After 11 years, the club won the Hungarian Cup, defeating Videoton (4-0).
  • 30/05/2015: Defeated by Videoton (2-0), the team finished second in Hungarian Football Championship.
  • 03/06/2015: Winning Debrecen (2-1) meant a victory in the Hungarian Football League Cup.
  • 05/07/2015: Fradi won Supercup for the 5 th time, defeating Videoton (3-0).

London, 2012, Olympic Games

21 sports, 157 athletes, 18 medals and several memorable moments: the Hungarian team had a great performance at the Olympic Games.

  • Gold medal
    Pars Krisztián (hammer throw),  Dombi Rudolf, Kökény Roland (double kayak, 1000 m), Kozák Danuta (single kayak, 500 m), Fazekas-Zur Krisztina, Kovács Katalin, Kozák Danuta, Szabó Gabriella (kayak four, 500 m), Berki Krisztián (pommel horse), Gyurta Dániel (breast stroke, 200 m), Risztov Éva (open water swimming, 10 km), Szilágyi Áron (sabre, single)

  • Silver medal
    Lőrincz Tamás (Greco-Roman wrestling, 66 kg), Ungvári Miklós (judo, bantamweight), Kammerer Zoltán, Kulifai Tamás, Pauman Dániel, Tóth Dávid (kayak four, 1000 m), Dusev-Janics Natasa, Kovács Katalin (double kayak, 500 m)

  • Bronze medal
    Módos Péter (Greco-Roman wrestling, 55 kg), Hatos Gábor (freestyle wrestling, 74 kg), Csernoviczki Éva (judo, flyweight), Dusev-Janics Natasa (single kayak, 200 m), Marosi Ádám (pentathlon individual), Cseh László (medley, 200 m)