What does sustainability mean for us?

What does sustainability mean for us?

For Magyar Telekom sustainability, as recognising the relationship with the three pillars of environment - society - economy and the positive activity within this, is a long term strategic principle. "Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" (UN, Brundtland Report, 1987). In practice it is realisable if the economic, social and environmental interests are harmonised.

Recognising the importance of sustainable development – and the fact that it is vital for the success of the future's business activity - Magyar Telekom Group undertakes the obligation and responsibility for that will do its operation, corporate governance, activities in its spirit in Hungary and in all countries, where appears with its business or co-operation. In addition to the opportunity for a long-term success of the company group, it includes a significant positive effect through its role in the region and its services for the society, environment and economy.

Structural Approach to Sustainability

The main aim of the figure is to demonstrate the relations of the company-group with the three of environment - society - economy in its whole complexity. According to this we developed Magyar Telekom Group's approach to sustainability, gathering around the three principles, bellow. These principles are in close relation with each other, not realised separately.

Sustainability Values

Within the three dimensions of sustainability, related tasks can be described with the following values:

Economic dimension

  • Business venture, integrity, transparency
  • Vision, innovation
  • Employees, team, dynamism
  • Client

Social dimension

  • Democracy, information society
  • The future generations, sustainable society
  • Diversity, social solidarity, quality of life
  • Partnership, talent, creativity

Environmental dimension

  • The Earth
  • A viable and wholesome environment
  • Nature, biological diversity
  • Natural resources
    Sustainability spans the whole organization, so it cannot be discussed on its own as the task of one organizational unit only. Each individual task affects the most diverse areas of the company and requires the cooperation of organizational units that are often at a distance from each other. Sustainable development is not a one-man challenge, it is a personal issue for everyone. Therefore we encourage everybody to put forward proposals, send their opinion or question through which we can jointly improve our future chances.

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