What we do today determines the life of future generations. With our responsible approach and sustainable solutions we strive to make this future as much livable as possible.

Having realized the importance of sustainable development, as well as the fact that it is essential for future business activities, Magyar Telekom Group undertakes the commitment and responsibility that it will pursue its operation, corporate governance and all other activities in this spirit in Hungary, and in all other countries where it has business presence or some form of cooperation.

What does sustainability mean for us?

Magyar Telekom Group established its sustainability vision along three sustainability pillars – environment-society-economy – that includes sustainability values like climate protection, livable and healthy environment, sustainable society, diversity, social solidarity, digital development, sustainable products and services, fair business and transparency.

Sustainability Strategy (2021-2025-2030)

We are aware that our world is about to undergo a major transformation in which both sustainability and digitization play crucial roles.​
Magyar Telekom is dedicated to maintain it's leading role as a sustainable company and ICT provider. We do more and more to achieve the above and enable more and more people to do so, too.

Sustainability reports

Magyar Telekom Group has committed, among other things, to publish reports about its sustainability performance annually.

Previous strategies

Magyar Telekom has been pursuing sustainability activities since 2005, in line with the actual Sustainability strategy.


Magyar Telekom has been pursuing sustainability activities since 2005, in line with the actual Sustainability strategy.

Guiding principles

Magyar Telekom elaborated the following five guiding principles in relation to its operation:

  • Customer experience determines our acts
  • Respect and integrity guide our behavior
  • One team - both jointly and individually
  • Best place to perform and grow!
  • I am a Telekom employee, you can count on me!
Quality guarantees

Customer experience determines our acts Respect and integrity guide our behaviorOne team - both jointly and individuallyBest place to perform and grow!I am a Telekom employee, you can count on me!

Sustainable supplier chain management process

Formerly we did not monitor our suppliers’ emissions that can be connected to their cooperation with Magyar Telekom. Now we have a sustainable supplier chain management process in place which is built on an internationally renowned professional basis.

Health and safety

Magyar Telekom's management - in line with the requirements of its customers and owners - undertakes the commitment in its healthcare and labor safety policy to prevent injuries and health detriment at work therefore, as part of the company's integrated governance system, it establishes, maintains and continuously develops its Occupational health and safety management system.

Eviromental policy

Magyar Telekom Group, as leading info-communications service provider in Central Europe, and also aleading player of the Hungarian economy, is committed to the preservation of nature and environment,and for the improvement of the condition of the environment.

Financial code of ethics

Magyar Telekom Group’s Financial Code of Ethics for Treasury and Financial Managers includes financial and economic executives as well as accepted expectations of the Group as regards honest and ethical conduct and disclosure of information, detailing the manner in which the law is respected, and explaining internal reporting and the requirements for compliance with the rules or the modification requirements.

Declarations of the management on operating of internal control system

Sectoral stakeholders and inverstors require stock exchange listed public companies to make both their governance model and the processes of its’ practical implementation visible. As a company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange it is highly important for Magyar Telekom Group to meet the relevant statutory and stock exchange requirements.

Quality policy

The Magyar Telekom Group – as a market leader IT and telecommunications service provider and system integrator – contributes to the creation of the information society with innovative up-to-date technologies, services and solutions.

Supplier code of conduct

The management of Magyar Telekom Group (hereinafter: Telekom) is committed to conduct business with the highest level of awareness, commitment, and adherence to applicable laws and regulations and to the highest level of standards of ethical business conduct. Because of its size, Magyar Telekom has an impact on several other stakeholders in economy, thus the scope of its responsibility cannot be limited by the boundaries of Telekom. Telekom works together with several hundreds of suppliers, including big international corporations and numerous local small and medium size enterprises. Besides, it is also important to establish business contacts with such other companies, whose economic, social and environmental performance is up to the strictest ethical standards.