Sustainability Day

In 2017, we organized the 10th festival conference called Sustainability Day, where breakout sessions, interactive exhibitions, creative project contest award ceremonies and an after-party, creating a real festival atmosphere, awaited those interested. Once more, the number of participants at Akvárium Klub reached record heights at 9000. On September 29, 2018, it will be again at Akvárium Klub that we organize the event.

The purpose of the event is to provide information to those interested in the topic of sustainability in the framework of an informal program, which involves exciting exhibitions.

We organize breakout sessions addressing the 3 pillars of sustainability, i.e. economy, environment, society, where guest speakers help us understand current sustainability issues, raise possible solutions and share their views.

Sustainability Day is a festival conference, which means that professional content is accompanied by concerts, as the program concludes by an after-party. You can find important information, as well as interesting articles and videos addressing sustainability topics at the event’s official website and Facebook page.