Online content – as it comes from multiple sources - may carry risks for which parents have to prepare their children. Know the technology, content and exposures around your children.

Instead of child lock: Child-friendly internet

Children unconditionally trust their Dad and Mum and their sense of danger only develops with time. We, adults, do our best to protect them in every way - why would we leave them alone on the internet?

Children who were born into the digital world very skillfully use electronic devices from their infancy and these skills are often ahead of those of their parents and teachers - and this is where the challenge begins. Obviously, the world is full of challenges - but we tend to forget that in spite of great opportunities, the internet is a challenging area, too. We know that the internet is a treasure box for children as they can find answers to all their questions, be it homework or entertainment. The stimulating environment and interactive games help children to develop their creativity while community sites help them to build social skills. Anonymity may also help them to honestly express themselves and to solve their individual problems.

Let us do something together so that our children may safely enjoy the benefits of the internet!

Education for responsible adults

Most schoolchildren have their mobile phone or tablet in their pocket or backpack. Being digital natives the use of electronic devices is self explanatory for them - from a technical view. However, they are often unaware of the underlying dangers. In spite of this parents and teachers often try to avoid this topic to reserve their authority - as they know that the skills of their children are sometimes way ahead of theirs.

With the development of the electronic administration systems at schools (e.g. digital grade book) this challenge is becoming increasingly important. There are initiatives by the state to address these challenges, like the Digital Child Protection Strategy that focuses on the dangers of the internet as well as the relevant methods of education, but there are many other free information sources on the internet in regards to this topic. Upon request the International Save the Children Association provides free of charge education sessions across the country under the title of “Safe Use of the Internet” (website: