Child protection

Education programs, events

See the list of our events and trainings organized to promote the safe use of the internet and mobile telephony.

Free child protection software

Install a free filter program on your computer to block adult content. With the use of the inbuilt parent control function parents may block unwanted websites.

Protect your children from unwanted content on the internet!

Parents cannot always be present when their child uses the internet so if you would like to provide protection from online exposures we recommend to use Norton’s software, the “Family”.

Use it safely: advice for parents

Online content – as it comes from multiple sources - may carry risks for which parents have to prepare their children. Know the technology, content and exposures around your children.

Child protection and the EU

“I am convinced that the use of the internet can be great for children and I'm also convinced that we are all responsible for their safety”. Amongst others these were the initial thoughts of Neelie Kroes when on December 1, 2011 she called the stakeholders of the industry for self-regulation.

Conscious TV watching

The earliest time when children meet the media is when they watch movie tales on TV. Nowadays kids' channels broadcast films upon strict supervision and this may filter out programs that feature violence.

Conscious internet use

Children’s inevitable encounter with the internet and the online world start a new chapter in their lives. We should be there for them, when they take their first steps.  

Conscious mobile use

Kids start using mobile phones at very early ages, many of them as early as in primary school. From the aspect of content consumption, mobile phones do not really differ from computers, but some features of the device must be addressed with smaller kids.