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family-friendly Telekom

What we do now defines the lives of the generations to come. With our responsible attitude and sustainable solutions, we aim to work for a livable and resilient future. As a family-friendly workplace we affect the lives of our community and it is our aim to support our employees in finding balance between their work and private life. Find out more about our care work support and other family-friendly solutions from the Employees chapter of our annual Sustainability report.

Kép leírása: Atipikus munkavégzés

Atypical employment sceme

Through the implementation of particular forms of non-regular employment, the company aims to provide support to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Offered in a variety of positions and operation areas flexible working hours, part-time or flexible time contracts are being offered to employees and teleworking is also part of our company culture. Our digital network and office systems, our workspace design and well-equipped digital conference rooms also support the highest level of telepresence flexibility. Find out how many Telekom employees are already using these opportunities and read more about our atypical solutions in the Employees chapter of our annual Sustainability Report.

Kép leírása: Gyermekvállalás és karrier

Career with children

We believe in informed planning both in business and in our private lives. That is why we assist our employees with detailed guidance through all the administrative and employment-related processes of becoming a parent, or other care work-related situations. We have introduced a parental leave & return supporting scheme with regards to planning, staying in touch and return support solutions. During their parental leave period employees continue to have access to the corporate learning and development portfolio, allowing access to education and development materials on desktop or via mobile applications.

Kép leírása: Gyermekkuckó és gyerekbarát irodák

Children’s playroom and child-friendly offices

The largest Telekom offices in the country offer child-friendly office spaces whereas the Budapest Telekom HQ building is equipped with a Children’s Playroom. Even though teleworking is part of our culture, there are still times when juggling between childcare responsibilities and work can be difficult. The Children’s Playroom offers professional childcare service for our children aged 3-10 for a few hours during office time, when our personal presence is necessary for teamwork. This is a great opportunity for managing days off school or daycare and our children say it’s fun to be at work with us.

Kép leírása: Támasz a gondoskodásban

Care work support

Parenting is just one aspect of care work that we face in our private lives. All of us have someone to care for and we all share some level of responsibility towards our loved ones, requiring our time and presence. Telekom is also a strong community when it comes to caring about elderly or ill family members or just finding a good professional for our private life issues ranging from a good carpenter or plumber to a math tutor for our kid or even the best vet in town. We provide a national database and a step-by-step guide to elderly social care, a detailed guide to children’s early development institutions and employees also have an intranet site to share contacts of tested and trusted professionals with a range of expertise.

Kép leírása: Egészség és sport

Health and sports

A company is as fit as its employees are. Telekom offers regular medical examinations and free annual health screening services for its employees throughout the year. The Telekom HQ’s rooftop open-air running circle and GYM is open for all employees, with friendly and supportive personal trainers, well equipped body building saloon, group training rooms, sauna and massage rooms. The running circle is popular during the preparation season of our annual Vivicittá Spring Half Marathon. We are proud blood-donors, we enjoy team sports and we celebrate individual sports successes as a real team. Once a year we organize Let’s Move! Telekom, a day together with our families competing in team and individual sports challenges for all abilities.