diversity at telekom

As a responsible employer, as a large enterprise, as a community and as members of the society it is our duty to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability. This dedication means furthering Gender equality (SDG5), Decent work and economic growth (SDG8) and Reducing Inequalities (SDG10) along our corporate operations.

Inclusion and mutual respect are at the foreground of the codes and policies that shape our ethics. Along the revision and development of our internal processes we are constantly reviewing the implementation of these values. We believe that our diverse teams are the key to innovation and customer satisfaction. We value our differences and build an open and safe working culture that allows you to reach your fullest potential.

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Women at Telekom

As an advocate for workplace diversity it is our top priority to have more women in leadership positions. We report our progress along the indicators published in the Employees chapter of our annual sustainability report. We pay special attention to avoid gender pay gap and any unjust discrepancies between the wages of colleagues doing similar jobs securing that potential differences are to solely be based on their performance and achievements. Our aim is to ensure gender equity throughout the employee lifecycle allowing female talents to thrive across all parts of business.

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Labor market integration

As a mentor company Telekom supports roma workforce integration programs Integrom and HRom to contribute to the equal labor market opportunities. The program participants are being supported with job application counselling, job interview-practices, CV writing and editing skill practices. Our inclusive recruitment practices include dedicated recruiter tracking support for program participants throughout their application process, providing detailed evaluation and feedback, and company mentoring upon request.

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Safe space for all

We like working in an open, inclusive and safe working environment. That is why we declare zero tolerance towards all levels of discrimination, sexism and harassment in the workplace. Employees are encouraged to speak up and stand up for each other when noticing behaviors against our ethics. Mutual respect, diversity and inclusion are core values of our culture securing an environment in which we are empowered and free to be ourselves regardless of our backgrounds and abilities.