accessible Telekom

We believe that digitization plays a vital role in accessibility in all aspects of life.  As employers it is our fundamental commitment to provide safe and accessible working conditions in both our digital and physical working environments in order to welcome employees with all abilities. Find out more about the accessibility of our digital and physical customer services and about our accessible services developed for the better comfort of our clients living with disabilities.

Accessible Telekom store

As a responsible service provider Telekom aims to provide accessible customer service to its clients. Apart from our digital customer service lines we offer personalized customer care for our customers in all ability groups in a range of our stores nation-wide.

Accessible service

We provide special helloholnap! service packages to our customers living with disabilities. The design and annual upgrade of the helloholnap! service packages is being carried out in close cooperation with the Hungarian disability advocacy organizations (AOSZ, ÉFOÉSZ, MEOSZ, MVGYOSZ). Since 2016 the service packages are open to additional two helpers or family members. Details on the service package solutions are only available on our Hungarian website.

Disability-friendly workplace

The improvement of hiring, employment and retention of disabled workforce is among our top priorities when it comes to diversity and belonging. Our working environment, culture and internal processes are designed in order to empower all our colleagues with impairments to feel safe and bring the best out of themselves. Disability-friendly hiring processes, accessible Budapest HQ building and a history of cooperation with Hungarian disability advocacy organizations ensure that all talents form all ability groups feel welcomed and encouraged in the Telekom community.