Educating our employees forms a major part of our company’s sustainability efforts. Telekom offers the option to its employees to adopt environment-conscious transportation means in Budapest and between sites in the countryside, as well as have introduced telework and the technological platforms required for conference calls, which lead to the elimination of thousands of kilometers of travel each year.

Sustainable transportation is part of everyday life at Telekom by now. Our employees happily opt for riding bikes when commuting between facilities in Budapest, and may choose one of the electric cars in our fleet for longer trips.

In order to further decrease the emissions generated and the environmental footprint represented by transportation of employees, Telekom introduced telework, thus employees now may work from home, which is not only important from environmental aspects, but also helps them establish the work-life balance they need.

Teleworking had a tradition at Magyar Telekom’s offices even before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2020, working from home has been given a new meaning and the importance of it has been significantly increased. By providing the opportunity to work from home, we not only help to keep the pandemic under control but it is also important in the terms of environmental protection and the work-life balance of our colleagues.