Training programs, events


Telekom finds it important to organize as many trainings as possible for children (and their parents) on the responsible use of content and devices.

  • Telekom's sustainability initiative, called: hello tomorrow!   organizes the Sustainability Day each year where one can get acquainted with various conscious life styles. Thematic discussions and numerous exhibitors are waiting for the participants of the event. In 2013 there was a discussion about the safe use of content by children.
  • In the autumn of 2013 a media understanding training center - called Bűvösvölgy (Magic Valley) - was opened with the contribution of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Telekom and the other mobile operators.
  • Telekom's volunteers of the Mobilsuli initiative continuously give trainings in primary schools on the smart and ethical use of mobile telephones.
  • Szolnok – T-City – is in a close cooperation with Telekom in the development and testing of various technologies. Within the frame of this there is the T-City Kids initiative designed to teach children to safely use the internet and mobile technology..