Health and Safety

As part of one of the largest global mobile service provider groups, Magyar Telekom Plc. is accountable for the health of people and the natural environment. Health and safety, as well as reliability enjoy top priority when we expand our mobile network. We are aware that our long-term business successes can only be attained if we enjoy the full support of society and people accept our network enhancements and innovations. For this reason we are especially open to discussing and responding to any issue related to mobile technology. We try to provide reliable answers, supported by research, to as many questions as possible on our website.  

Another topic of key importance for Magyar Telekom Group is the health and safety of its employees, therefore, in addition to complying with the regulations, the company has joined numerous voluntary programs in this regard (obtaining the Healthy Workplace Certificate, compliance with the criteria of the Health Friendly Workplace, the Partnership Program announced by the National Occupational Safety and Employment Authority). The company has in place a special occupational safety organization for this purpose and pays special attention to the compliance of its foreign subsidiaries with the occupational safety and health legislation and provisions of the particular country.

Electro-magnetic Fields

Magyar Telekom and T-Mobile Group are convinced that, if safety rules and tolerance values are observed, mobile telecommunications is a completely safe technology. Our conviction in this regard is based on numerous independent international studies and expert opinion that assess all the relevant research and repeatedly define the latest health limits.  

T-Mobile Group and Magyar Telekom support a number of international research projects aimed at examining the relationship between electro-magnetic fields and health so that the company’s future developments and mobile technologies can be used safely and without posing any threat to health.

In addition to all this we conduct several projects each year with the purpose of the optimization of technologies used in our wireline and mobile networks so that we provide the highest quality service to citizens with the least possible electro-magnetic burden.

Magyar Telekom is open and transparent to the public. T-Mobile Group regularly publishes the results of the most recent scientific research.

The demand for information related to the effects of mobile telecommunications has been increasing from year to year. Awareness of health-related issues and close cooperation among service providers constitute an important item on the relevant agenda of Magyar Telekom, thus the Group is always cooperative and constructive in its responses to each interested party. As a result of constructive cooperation of the three Hungarian mobile service providers a website,, was established in 2006, to address in detail the issue of electro-magnetic emission of mobile networks. It is a transparency issue that, by typing in the name of the city, street and house number every citizen can access the measurement results included in the measurement protocol kept by the three mobile service providers regarding health limit values under the relevant menu item (Tests/Test Results).
Apart from the website mentioned above, also addresses in Hungarian the health effects of mobile telephony. Information in English is available on the EU’s international website, at:

We are open to our critics also, as we can learn a lot from a remark or a real or assumed fault ascribed to us. We can integrate this knowledge subsequently into our business processes, network and technology development. We are always available for providing responses to questions related to electro-magnetic fields and health. Our e-mail adress:

We are aware that long-term business successes can only be achieved with the support and acceptance by the whole society of the necessity to operate and further develop mobile networks, and of the introduction of the latest innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relevant Research Projects

A dedicated working group within Magyar Telekom addresses the issue of electro-magnetic emission. The working group continuously monitors and evaluates the results of the latest research projects.  

Research projects on the relationship of mobile telephony and health are being promoted through T-Mobile Group. They include:


Technological, Health and Legal Background of Mobile Technology

In this section we provide a collection of the articles and studies into the background of mobile technologies.

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