The Cause 2007

Causes presented in the first series in 2007:

  • on May 10: restoration of the training building of Ócsa Birdwatch Association that burnt down in January
  • on May 17: youth with addiction problems presented by the Roamers in the Storm Foundation
  • on May 24: artistic work of handicapped people presented by the Health with Music Foundation
  • on May 31: healing through stroking presented by the Dogs for Humans Foundation .

As a result of viewers’ votes the Dogs for Humans Foundation won the first series of The Cause in 2007 and received Magyar Telekom’s HUF 5 million donation.
Each of the other three organizations and causes received a HUF 1 million donation.

The following questions were addressed in the 2007 year-end series:

  • What future can autistic people expect without a special home?
  • How can children with impaired communication skills cope with normal school challenges?
  • Do we give a chance for disadvantaged Roma children to learn and get a better life?
  • Can immigrants with Hungarian and other nationality find a home in Hungary?

In the program shown on November 27 the common cause was to help autistic people enlarge their very crowded home so that they can live in an appropriate space and be able to develop. The staff of the Foundation for Handicapped Autistic People in Zala offer not only love, but also a home and development programs to these rainmen. On December 4 the Bliss Foundation was presented, it helps people with impaired communication skills to learn to communicate with the outside world, express themselves, form personal relationships or even find a job to live a fuller complete life. On December 11 the cause was to support the Starting Block program of the Chance for Disadvantaged Children Foundation, to help young Romas complete school education and learn a profession. On December 18 in the last documentary women and children who fled to Hungary from humiliation, war and death in their home country were presented. The Refuge Immigrant Help Association asked viewers to help immigrant women and mothers find peace in Hungary, and learn Hungarian to find a job and a living.

As a result of the viewers’ votes Bliss Foundation received the HUF 5 million donation, the participants of each of the other three documentaries received a HUF 1 million donation from Magyar Telekom.