The Cause 2006

The participants in the documentary The Cause shown in June 2006 could make their dreams come true with the help of the viewers, Magyar Telekom and TV2. The Magic Lamp Foundation that won the main prize could make the dream of many seriously ill children come true and this way help their healing (computer, Formula 1, meeting with Harry Potter, etc., further information: The First Hungarian Homeless football team of Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület (Protection Charity Association) could participate in the Homeless Football World Cup in South Africa with the help of The Cause. Bottyán Equus Foundation that saves horses could enlarge its stable, Baltazár Theater of handicapped people could find a permanent home with this help. The “causes” in the second series were shown in November and December on Thursday nights.

  • Foundling Dog Rescue Association asked the viewers to help small animals find a new loving owner.
  • Rolling Dance Group Foundation was presented with its wheelchair dancers,
  • we could see tragic stories of mothers forced to live on the streets with their children who found a home at the Foundation for the Protection of Mothers, finally
  • the Blue Bird Foundation, an organization helping handicapped people, asked for votes of the viewers.

In The Cause series shown at the end of 2006 as a result of viewers’ votes the Foundling Dog Rescue Foundation received the HUF 5 million donation.
Each of the other three foundations received a HUF 1 million donation from Magyar Telekom.