PraxisPlatform patient education and therapy management system

PraxisPlatform is a system of Magyar Telekom, based on innovative technologies, that brings closer to each other the three most important actors of healthcare: the patient who wishes to recover, the doctor who wishes to cure the patient and the pharmacist who is in regular contact with the patient.

The concept of the system is based upon the proven fact that people take only about 30-50% of the medication they purchase in line with their doctors’ instructions. This insufficient cooperation demonstrated by the patients also hinders the development of safer, more up-to-date and more targeted therapies.

PraxisPlatform is an on-line patient communication portal, accessible upon recommendation by doctors, which enables a simple, fast and safe way of communication between patient and doctor, as well as pharmacist. The platform also contributes to improve patient cooperation, as it generates demand among patients to take better care of themselves and their health.

The system helps to make patients more conscious about taking their medication and taking part of their therapy by reminding them by personalized messages about major treatment appointments, instructions to abide, as well as by offering information related to their treatment in particular and life-style advice in general. Patients receive the reminders in the form of voice, email or SMS messages, at the time of the day they choose. Patients who register in the system can turn to the information center accessible 12 hours each day, to the interactive diagnostic service or get in direct contact with the doctor or pharmacist.

PraxisPlatform is in full compliance with every data privacy and data security requirements normally expected in the realm of healthcare. Patients can join the program offered by PraxisPlatform free of charge.

Sustainability benefits

  • It supports and protects individuals’ health and well-being.
  • It promotes people’s security.
  • It establishes consumption and production patterns that help to decrease the ecological footprint, while fulfills basic human needs.
  • It decreases costs for the customer.