Pediatrics Line healthcare information service

In the framework of this electronic information service, offered to customers holding valid subscriptions and their relatives living in the same household, specialist physicians stand-by round-the-clock to provide advice regarding health issues of children and their families, diseases, alimentation and prevention practices. This remote consultancy provided is solely of informative nature, it is not intended to replace, rather to supplement treatment by a doctor.For a monthly fee (of HUF 690) subscribers can call the Pediatrics Line from any Hungarian network without any further charge or limitation. The service is billed as part of the invoice covering all the services provided by Magyar Telekom to the subscriber. Payment deadlines and performance terms are governed by the stipulations set forth in the invoice. If the relevant contract is concluded during the month, a prorated fee is charged.A precondition to accessing the service is that the subscriber must hold at least one Magyar Telekom fixed-line or mobile subscription. If the subscriber holds multiple Magyar Telekom telephone subscriptions, he/she is entitled to access the Pediatrics Line on account of only one of his/her subscriptions. The subscription contract is entered into for an indefinite term, on the day the contract is concluded over the phone.

Sustainability benefits

  • It contributes to improving the living conditions of individuals/communities, as well as promotes and protects individuals’ health and well-being.
  • It promotes and protects equal opportunities for everyone (men and women, young and elderly, single parents, etc.), as well as every layer of society (minorities, foreign citizens, etc.).
  • It establishes consumption and production patterns that help to decrease the ecological footprint, while fulfills basic human needs.
  • It helps to decrease volumes of transportation, fuel-consumption and emissions generated thereby, thus indirectly contributes to climate protection.