Mobile Purchase

Mobile purchaseis is a new cashless payment service that allows you to save the time and effort of exchanging money, often needed in case of cash transactions.
Using this value-added service provided by T-Mobile, you can make a purchase anywhere and any time of the day, as well as pay for the goods purchased simply and quickly by means of your mobile phone.
Through your mobile, you can debit the payment to your monthly bill, your universal balance or your loyalty program points.
There is no need to travel or stand in line, thus, you save time and fuel, too.
An additional benefit is that no paper is consumed to print hard copy invoices, since only electronic statements are generated to inform the user about the Mobile Payment transaction.

Sustainability benefits

  • Customers’ costs are decreased, additional costs are avoided.
  • Helps to save resources (decreased paper consumption).
  • Promotes the dematerialization of products and services.
  • Contributes to the decrease of traffic.
  • Indirectly supports climate protection.

Services available by mobile purchase

  • Placing job advertisements at
  • Classified ads
  • Highway toll
  • Zoo park entrance fee
  • Registry court company data on the internet
  • Movies at
  • Habostorta portal’s services
  • Mobile lottery
  • Mobile parking
  • Movie theater tickets
  • Népszabadság (periodical newspaper) subscription prolongation
  • Nokia Maps license purchase
  • International coach tickets from Orangeways
  • Orient21 delivery service
  • Gambling balance top-up
  • Theater tickets from Interticket
  • Volánbusz (long distance coach service) tickets
  • WifiZone internet package
  • Music from