Mobile Code for web

Mobile codes (QR code, Datamatrix) are two-dimensional bar codes that can contain URLs (e.g., phone numbers, business cards, texts or pictures. A mobilkód (QR code, Datamatrix) egy olyan kétdimenziós vonalkód, amelybe URL-eket (pl.:, telefonszámot, névjegyet, szöveget vagy képet lehet kódolni.

Mobile codes can appear in news papers, magazines, on posters, buses, products or even business cards, in other words, on any objects about which users might need further information.

Users can use their camera-equipped mobile phones and the necessary reading software to scan (take a photo of) the mobile code and access the coded information at a click. After having scanned a code, for example, that contains a URL, the browser links the offline content to the online one.

Sustainability benefits

  • Promotes the right of free access to information
  • Establishes consumption and production patterns that help to decrease the environmental footprint.
  • Promotes the dematerialization of products and services.
  • Indirectly supports climate protection.
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