We offer two solutions with T-Systems Marketline e-procurement services: our partners can use the e-auction procurement and the integrated procurement and vendor solutions.

The e-auction procurement service is an Internet-based electronic bidding device to support more efficient selection of vendors and the most favorable offer parameters (in terms of price, payment, delivery deadlines, etc.).

Companies that join the virtual market place as buyers can not only organize ad-hoc auctions but also set up their own integrated procurement and delivery system.

Sustainability benefits

  • Helps improved control of resources at regional and national levels.
  • Generates patterns of consumption and production that help to reduce stress on the environment.
  • Reduces customer costs, and protects from additional expenses.
  • Helps save resources (e.g. lower energy consumption, paper consumption, etc.)
  • Helps dematerialize products and services.
  • Helps reduce traffic (vehicles, delivery).
  • Reduces traffic-related fuel consumption and emission (including noise).
  • Contributes to climate protection.
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