Egálnet website contest 2009

The prize ceremony took place at Magyar Telekom’s headquarters building on December 07, 2009. This was the second time that the contest and the prize ceremony took place, following the similar events of 2007.
The best websites of the different categories were selected on the basis of content and design criteria. The jury included Origo’s Editor in Chief, Balázs Weyer, the Head of Magyar Telekom’s Sustainability Department, Katalin Szomolányi, as well as Kriszta Tölösi and Beatrix Jancsó, who had supported Egálnet’s launch three years ago. Websites completed by November 20 had been allowed to enter into competition.

At the prize ceremony, the winning organizations presented their websites and explained how their websites had been useful for them. The prizes were handed out by Magyar Telekom’s Chief HR Officer, Éva Somorjai and singer, musician, choreographer, Péter Novák. Afterwards, the birthday cake of the three-year-old Egálnet was served, and participants of the program had the chance to share their experience with each other.

A total of 20 prizes were handed out. Winners of the different categories got laptops with accessories, while winners of the special prizes received gift packages.

The video footage shot at the event is accessible through the links, and you can view the photos in the gallery below. You can read more about Egálnet and the prize ceremony at the Egálnet homepage (in hungarian).

Winners of he prizes are as follows:

Small settlements category:
Association for the Development of Kalaznó
Association for Somogycsicsó-Somogy

Schools, workshops category:
City Dormitory of Mosonmagyaróvár
Apáczai Waldorf Primary School, Szombathely
Special prize: Kossuth Lajos Primary School, Nagykőrös

Minority communities category:
Special prize: Public Benefit Association for the Roma of Kispest

Handicapped people category: Winner was not selected, only a special prize was handed out.
Special prize: Public Benefit Foundation for Conductive Education Schools

Migrants category:
We did not select a winner in this category.

Unemployed category:
Municipal Public Employment Service

Pensioners category:
"One for All" Association for the Lonely and Pensioners

Mothers of small children, family support organizations category:
”Família” Association for Large Families
Special prize: Baby Corner
Special prize: Association for Conscious Living

Non-profit organizations category:
National Organization of Hungarian Parent-Child Mediators

Special prize: Lipcsei Hiking Association
Special prize: Balatonszemes Spa Association
Special prize: Association for the Protection of Families
Special prize: NGO House, Felsőzsolca

Others category:
Kárpátalja Alliance

The website that was the most visited and received the most votes among ones registered before 2008:
Association for the Mediterranean Housing Complex

AThe website that received the most votes among the ones registered after 2008:
Website for the ‘56 Memorial