Magyar Telekom Group monitors regularly the following clearly defined environmental indicators that can be influenced by the Group’s activity and are measurable (numerical values of the environmental indicators are published annually in our Sustainability Report):


Electric energy consumption [MWh]

Gas consumption [Em 3]

Water usage [Em 3]

Fuel consumption of vehicles – unleaded petrol [ l ]

Fuel consumption of vehicles – diesel oil [ l ]

Paper consumption [kg]

Mileage of vehicles [km]

Amount of hazardous waste [kg]

Amount of recycled hazardous waste [kg]

Amount of recycled paper waste [kg]

Amount of recycled telecommunications and other waste [kg]

Amount of communal waste [m 3]

Travel replaced by audio and video conferencing [km]

Total used area [m 2]

CO 2 burden [t]

Number of towers used jointly or owned by the company [number]