In addition to the services included in Magyar Telekom’s interconnection offer (MARIO), a number of commercial services, providing added value to our Partners’ customers, are also available for Partners cooperating with Magyar Telekom in network interconnection.

Directory Assistance Service

Through network access agreements, our partners can provide access to Magyar Telekom’s Domestic-, International Directory Assistance, Directory Assistance Plus and Directory Assistance Speed Dial services for their customers. Magyar Telekom provides high quality services with a call center set up based on experiences from recent years, and with a well-prepared staff.

Toll-free and short number service (call center and other purposes)

By using our service, our Partners’ customers can have access to toll-free and short numbers in the Magyar Telekom's network, and in return: Magyar Telekom subscribers can also have access to the toll-free and short numbers of our Partner’s customers. The conditions of the partner provider cooperation, required for ensuring mutual access to the toll-free and short numbers, operated in the Magyar Telekom and Partner networks, are regulated by the Network access agreements.

International call termination service

Magyar Telekom offers excellent quality and affordably priced international call termination from the handover point requested by the Partner to the fixed, mobile and satelite telecommunication service network of any country in the World. The commercial conditions are formulated flexibly, according to customer needs.

Domestic transit service

As part of the domestic transit service, Magyar Telekom – through its partner provider agreements – forwards calls, initiated by a Partner’s subscriber, to the networks of other domestic fixed or mobile service providers.

Wholesale Cable Telephone Service

Magyar Telekom’s wholesale Cable telephone service allows our Partner to introduce fixed location IP based subscriber telephone service, via their cable TV network, under their own brand.

Fax to e-mail

By using Magyar Telekom’s Fax to e-mail service, the end users of our Partners can mobilize fax management: they can send or receive fax messages anywhere and anytime on an online UI or even a smartphone.

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