The Multiflex service of Magyar Telekom is capable of connecting remote LANs on Ethernet (L2) level, in a point-point (P-P), or point-multipoint (P-MP) construction. Multiflex is an Ethernet level (layer 2) virtual private network service (L2VPN), implemented on Magyar Telekom’s Ethernet aggregation and MPLS backbone network.

By using our service, our Partner can connect their equal network endpoints, creating a complete LAN, or can take over the traffic of individual endpoints at a network node (E-NNI).

Multiflex Service characteristics:

  • Ethernet interface
  • p2p (Ethernet Line) and p2mp (Ethernet LAN) connections. (in MEF terminology the EPL, EVPL and EPLAN, EPVLAN services are available)
  • Copper, optical and microwave access, with redundant setup, if required
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • 99,5% or 99,75% availability
  • Proactive fault management
  • 7×24 network monitoring
  • SLA report

Available service options:

QoS option

The Multiflex service – even without separate provider QoS settings – is capable of transmitting Ethernet frames containing voice or multimedia traffic, in addition to LAN data transmission. Based on subscriber demand, with the help of Magyar Telekom, priority can be ensured for the transmission of priority traffic via the customer network connection, and it can also be protected against non-priority traffic.

As part of the QoS service, Magyar Telekom shares the port transmission rate, set at the service access point, among the three priority categories. The sharing is done in such a way that priority transmission is ensured for traffic belonging to priority one category up to 75% of the port speed, while up to 17% for traffic belonging to priority two category. With this classification, the aggregated traffic arriving to the port, shall not get congested up to transmission rates not exceeding the above values. The above settings do not mean a speed limitation, because the priority or non-priority traffic can fully utilize the port transmission rate, in complete absence of the other.

Premium option

A version of the Multiflex service that provides real (not only based on taking business risk) improvement of SLA parameters.

  • Increased availability: The annual average availability of the service at subscriber access points is 99,75% (default 99,5%).
  • Reduced fault repair time: Quality complaint fault repair time: 10 hours (default 14 hours).
  • Professional service installation: Installation with additional end-end measurements, and logging/recording thereof.
  • Quick(er) installation: the installation time (number of service provider-dependent workdays, from raising the demand to completing the installation) in case of Multiflex Premium, cannot exceed 15 days for 80% of all lines of the same type).

Redundancy option

AThe Redundancy option offers the possibility of using a service that offers higher reliability. In case of redundant subscriber access, the access routes are constructed using different media and/or along different paths.

The premium quality values of the option are the following:

  • Service hours: 24 hours × 365 days
  • Reduced fault repair time: 99,9%
  • Proactive fault repair: yes
  • Maximum fault repair in case of complete endpoint failure: 8 hours