The Leased Line Internet service of Magyar Telekom is a flexibly extendable, dedicated Internet access, offering guaranteed up- and download bandwidth.

If needed, Magyar Telekom provides – besides the access – subscriber router and/or fixed IP address or domain.

Service features:

  • Wide bandwidth range 1 Mbps-10 Gbps
  • Copper, optical and microwave access, with redundant implementation, if needed
  • Flexible bandwidth-modification option
  • Fixed IP-address and IP-address range, if needed
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • High availability

Available service options:

Back-up access

To achieve greater reliability, the primary data communication link can be extended with an auxiliary access, implemented using various technologies, e.g.: optical, microwave, copper, ADSL and 4G mobile access. The backup access can be installed next to the primary line implemented using any technology. In case of primary line failure, the traffic is automatically rerouted to the secondary access line.

Quick implementation with mobile access

If implementing the service with fixed line access takes too much time, it is possible to establish the service using 4G mobile access, within a short deadline.