Network development

A modern network infrastructure is essential to establish a modern digital environment to close the digital divide in digitally disadvantaged regions.

Through its investments Telekom wishes to make high-speed broadband internet available for as many Hungarian consumers as possible - and as soon as possible.

Fixed line network

In the spring of 2015 the company accelerated the rollout of new generation network development efforts in Hungary. As a result of the developments 464 thousand new households could use high-speed broadband internet by the end of 2015. Thus Telekom’s high-speed fixed line internet coverage reached 2,3 million households in 2015. In 2016 the developments continue and the next objective is to cover 500,000 more households. Besides the Y2015 network development effort from own resources there is a parallel effort to build new generation nationwide broadband networks with the use of European Union resources and Magyar Telekom would like to take part in the process. If Telekom will be successful in obtaining EU resources the half-million target can be further increased.

The development would increase the broadband service coverage of rural areas thereby would reduce differences between the quality of the available internet services in cities and in rural areas. Newly connected households will be able to enjoy the advantages of broadband internet thereby the quality of life of citizens and the competitiveness of enterprises can both improve.

4G: best technology in mobile too

As a result of the intensive developments of recent years the outdoor coverage of Telekom’s 4G mobile network reached 97.3% by the end of 2015. The cutting-edge mobile internet service is now available in more than 2700 settlements.

According to the internationally acknowledged OpenSignal global survey in February, 2016 Magyar Telekom’s 4G network is in the forefront of European networks (regarding 4G download speed). Based on the OpenSignal measurement Magyar Telekom’s 4G services provide an average download speed of 30 Mbit/s which is the ninth in the world and the third highest speed 4G service in Europe.