Digital services

Magyar Telekom is committed to innovation and continuously develops new, cutting-edge services.

Planned areas of development: improvement of the safety of homes and settlements with intelligent and user-friendly solutions; provision of devices offering seamless control of residential and business energy consumption; implementation of comfortable and safe mobile payment solutions; simplified, accelerated and transparent public administration processes with cutting-edge internet-based solutions. Besides the above Magyar Telekom also supports the digitalization of big and small-medium enterprises with the latest info-communication technologies, ranging from the entire IT infrastructure up to application side solutions.

T-Systems Hungary, as a member of Magyar Telekom Group and the supplier of big corporation and public administration customers, actively contributes to the best possible capacity utilization of European Union resources devoted to info-communication purposes to strengthen the digital economy and to improve the competitiveness of the national economy. T-Systems Hungary does have the skills and ability to undertake an active role in the fulfillment of the Digital Hungary objectives as well as in the design and implementation of smart city solutions.