TeleBike is a success

TeleBike, Telekom’s own community bicycle system went into operation with an easy to manage registration system and a novelty developed in Hungary – a bike without chain, providing maintenance for bicycles belonging to the TeleBike system. The initiative already proved to be successful in the first test month: almost 700 employees used it since the system’s launch. The system – built on innovative solutions and only available to the company’s employees – was launched by Telekom in cooperation with the Hungarian Csepel Zrt.

Telekom’s TeleBike service – a self service bike rental program, so far unparalleled in Hungary – was launched on May 24, 2013. This is the first bike rental scheme enabling users to rent city bikes occasionally, for shorter periods. The company’s employees can rent bikes at the uniform, identically looking and easy to recognise stations, enabling them to reach the company’s office buildings in working hours faster and minimising the environmental load.

„It is inspiring that not only can we set a new direction by launching the community bike rental, but the innovative ideas and novel solutions applied in implementation also open new horizons. By applying innovative solutions we also wish to achieve sustainability goals and demonstrate our commitment for a liveable future” – said Róbert Pataki, chief business development officer of Telekom.

In the half year long test period (until the autumn) the TeleBike system operates with 40 bikes. Employees can use the bicycles to commute between the four sites of Telekom and T-Systems Hungary. Associates registered in the system can rent out bikes with PIN codes or customer card and a dedicated customer service and hotline is provided to sort out any problem.

The bike system was established by Telekom in close cooperation with Csepel Zrt. Beside providing the bikes, the Hungarian owned bicycle factory also takes care of their transport and the system’s maintenance, using a world novelty: a Stringbike type bicycle equipped with a trailer, operating as a logistic and repair service bike. Concept owner Telekom is responsible not only for establishing the system, but also the development of the registration system, as well as for the safety of the bikes: in a unique fleet monitoring system all bikes are equipped with GPS, therefore they can be effectively protected against theft. „We are especially pleased with this cooperation, as such an alternative of city biking is a splendid initiative and in addition the TeleBike system also features numerous innovative solutions Beside the Csepel logistic system Telekom offers the fleet monitoring system, and the registration system is also one of the most cutting edge solutions.” - said Péter Klimon, CEO of Csepel Zrt.